Retrofan’s Atari VCS 2600 homebrew and hack design page
I’m a specialist in designing content for low resolution displays (e.g. vintage systems) and GUIs for webpages, games and software products.

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Stefan Haddewig, Germany
New Soccer 2600 mockup

First VCS Soccer with 11 players in each team
New Soccer 2600 system

5 areas: goal keeper or 3 to 4 connected players in each area
Paradroid C64

Paradroid 2600 mockup

Vertical soft scrolling
Zaxxon arcade

Zaxxon 2600 mockup

Vertical scrolling because of the limited hardware
BombJack arcade

BombJack 2600 mockup

Playfield graphics as bombs (max. 2 colors in a raster line)
Mr. Do! arcade

Mr. Do! 2600 mockup

Stripes for more raster time
Max. 5 cherries in a row
Mr. Do! 2600 tunnel system mockup

Mr. Do! arcade

Mr. Do! 2600 mockup

Mr. Do! Atari 2600 (existing CBS Coleco version)

Shows that number of object are ok, but no nice tunnels
Mr. Do! arcade

Mr. Do! 2600 mockup

Copyright problems? Here is Mr. Mole!

Bomberman arcade

Bomberman 2600 mockup

Q*Bert 2600 original (Parker)

Q*Bert new mockup (with full 7 levels)

Copyright problems? Here is Santa*Q

Solomon’s Key arcade

Solomon’s Key 2600 mockup

All blocks are playfield graphics
TRON 2600 titel mockup

TRON 2600 game mockup

DinoEggs C64

DinoEggs 2600 mockup

DinoEggs 2600 playfield graphics

Platforms, rocks, ladders and the door are playfield objects
Qix 2600 mockup

Boinxx 2600 mockup

Amidar (animations and nicer stripes)

Amidar 2600 original

Space Invaders Deluxe ND (nicer enemies)

Space Invaders Deluxe original

Download Space Invaders Deluxe ND
RiverRaid Atari 2600 (Activision)

PlanetRaid hack Atari 2600 (Download)

New playfield and sprite graphics
New sound
New gameplay (and much more difficult)
PlanetRaid cart label art

Galaxian Atari 2600 (Atari)

Galaxian ND hack Atari 2600 (Download)

No yellow border, new space ship, new typo

Galaxian ND cart label